Empower & Educate Women Refugees in Turkey

Local Bazaar is working closely with Hisar Anatolian Support Society (HADD) to provide valuable skills to young, low-income women of families forced to migrate to Van in Eastern Turkey. Through practical vocational training, HADD offers women a chance to manage their own futures to survive economically, flourish socially and grow artistically. 

The women who attend HADD workshops are the sole breadwinners of their large nomadic families, some of which have up to 18 members. Armed conflict in the 90s forced the communities to abandon their nomadic lifestyle in the mountains and resettle in the outskirts of Van, Turkey.  Sadly, most girls and women from these communities have not had the opportunity to attend schools and as a result nearly half are illiterate. 

Through HADD, these women receive an education and earn funds to support their family allowing them to become financially and emotionally independent. In addition to the educational benefits and kilim artistry workshops, the women also learn to raise bees to sell honey both locally and nationally throughout Turkey.

Ten precent of every Kilim purchase will be provided directly to HADD to continue their efforts in providing education and work opportunities to countless women from South-eastern Turkey, which will ultimately decrease poverty and illiteracy rates.