Education for Cambodian Children

Working with KAKO (Cambodians Help Cambodians), a small Cambodian NGO (non-governmental organization), and Philanthropy Connections, Local Bazaar aims to provide education for children of all ages who live in impoverished villages in the region of the province of Siem Reap.

Cambodia significantly lags behind other developing nations with regards to education and basic nutrition. Many Cambodian children are deprived from going to school as they are often expected to contribute to the family’s earnings by working in the rice fields or taking care of their siblings.

Overall, only 53% of children living in rural areas aged 6 to 18, completed the 2014/2015 academic year, of which 15% completed secondary school. The high percentage of dropouts after primary school is due to the lack of funds to continue their education and is one of the many reasons for extreme poverty in the country.

Benefiting from an education gives these children the chance to improve their overall living conditions.

Children will have the opportunity to go to school from pre-school age, which will give them tools to escape the cycle of poverty their families are caught up in.

Fund​s also​​ contribute to the continuation of the libraries​ ​that have been built in seven different villages for children and families to access for learning materials and also for regular workshops.​​

Families of children who benefit from a scholarship program receive supplied rice portions to compensate for the loss of income from the children not working in the fields.

​In addition to the direct impact these programs have on the lives of children and families involved, the wider communities also benefit as they are motivated to send their children to school despite the poverty.

Your purchases will provide an education for some of the poorest children in Cambodia giving them the opportunity to one day have a better life.