Burmese Refugees

Purchases made through Local Bazaar will improve the lives of Burmese refugees forced to live in the Koung Jor Shan Refugee Camp, which many will have to do for years before being able to return home.

Situated on the Thai – Burma border, this camp is home to over 500 refugees who were forced to flee their home villages in Burma due to the fighting violence towards ethnic tribes.

As aid agencies shifted their focus towards supporting people inside Burma, refugee camps and their residents have found it extremely hard to survive. The residents want nothing more than to return to their homeland. Despite the very basic living conditions for the residents, the camp provides a safer place to live than Burma.

The refugees are not supposed to leave the camp to work and are entirely dependent on external support. While some women weave, others engage in basic farming however most residents do not have regular income.

Electricity is limited to public areas only and certain times of the day. Roads in the camp are pitch black and unsafe, especially for children who go to school in the evening.

Schooling is essential for these children to reach their potential and break the cycle of poverty in which they grew up in.

Sadly, many children easily become orphaned because families don’t have the means to look after them. Funds raised through Local Bazaar will help provide electricity, support orphaned children and help cover the costs of education.