About Us

Local Bazaar is an online platform designed to connect skilled artisans in developing countries to consumers around the world and, in turn, directly benefit their communities.

The world is filled with beautiful textiles, ceramics, woodwork and metalwork made by highly skilled craftsman using traditional methods.

We wanted to bring the handcrafter’s story to life and introduce them and their unique skills to people around the world.

Some of these products have been produced for generations with skills passed down from their ancestors making these crafts extremely intricate and authentic; each item tells a story of a culture, of a generation, of a tradition, of a family and of a community.

These talents can only be found in certain parts of the world, in rare communities where culture and custom thrive. However, due to globalization people are forced to seek other employment and, as a result, many of these traditions are dying. 

In addition to supporting artisans, 10 percent of each purchase will directly benefit various projects to aid education, healthcare, and infrastructure to improve overall lives around the world. 

Our goals are to preserve culture, alleviate poverty and empower people around the world.