Formed on a hilltop farm in Swaziland in 1979, Tsandza Weaving employs over 40 rural Swazi women, giving them the ability to earn income for their families. In a country where 69% of the population lives below the poverty line and where women are particularly vulnerable to poverty, these ladies have the opportunity to practice the traditional skills of weaving and hand spinning, and pass this knowledge on to other women. 

Unfortunately traditional social systems discriminate against women and in rural areas women have less access to education. Households headed solely by women are increasing, as men often seek employment away from home and HIV/AIDS takes its toll.  

Employment at Tsandza not only provides incomes for their families, it offers women the opportunity to gain independence and a voice within their communities.   

Tsandza’s luxurious range is made using locally sourced pure natural fibers of mohair, merino, bamboo and cotton.  Each item is completely handmade, from the spinning and dying with biodegradable dyes, to the weaving and sewing. This ensures that as well as all products being unique, more rural Swazi women can earn income and succeed. 


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